How To Find Unsaved Password In Google Chrome


You can easily find any Account Password Typed in your system Browser the easiest way to get Password of any account without using any hacking software’s. ...It is possible using Simple browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. You can follow given bellow steps to Recover unsaved password in Chrome.

First download Google Chrome Browser

  1. Just Right Click the Password Text Area and Select “Inspect Element”.

2.Once you Clicked the “Inspect Element” a Source code viewer will appears at the bottom of the Browser.

  •  Find the line
  •  Then Double Click area type=”password”. By this the word password will be Highlighted.

3.Know you were on the Password Highlighted word step.

  • Now Change type=”password” into type=”name” (Simple change name instead of password) and press Enter.
  • You can see the magic !! the asterisk symbol password changes into the Original Characters




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    my Goolge chrome account is not working for few days back.can you help?


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