Google not responding in windows 10

How to fix the issue, Google not responding in windows 10

This problem is very common  for the  users. When they open multiple tab at the same time they may face the problem like Google is not responding in your window 10. Some others reasons are if they use extension for their browser and they not clean the browser history from a long time then they may get error read as Google is not responding in your window. You need to fix this issues by following the below mentioned process.

Ways to fix Google chrome not responding issues

There are several ways to fix this issue, you can follow one of the mentioned issue.

Browser Optimization: Sometime optimization is enough to fix the Google not responding issue. To optimize your Google you need to “open menu” and then click “More tools”. Now clear the browsing data and in the prompt window except password autofill form data, hosted app data and media license check all the boxes. Now clear browsing data.


Disable the extension: To resolve the issue you need to disable all the third party extension  and reactivate it. To do this “open menu” and go to “more tools” and click “extensions”. It will show you all extension now uncheck all to disable them.


Cookie clean up: Cookie files will not consume much of memory, whenever you visit a website it will leave some data called cookies So you need to clear the cookies. To clear the cookies you need to “open menu” and then click on “settings”. In the advanced settings expand the “Privacy Section” then click “Content settings”. Now disable the come features which used to improve the web experience.


Close the non responsive window: when you open more than one tab on the Google chrome then some page might get freeze. So at that time close that unresponsive page  by pressing the key “shift+Esc”to fix the issue.


If you still face the problem and not able to fix the issue yourself then you need to call on Google customer support number.

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