How do I turn on my wifi on Asus laptop?


If you are willing to access web or internet service in your Asus laptop then you will have to turn on your wi fi. If you do not have any knowledge regarding this then this tutorial will certainly solve your problem. You can anytime connect with the certified technicians if you are facing some sort of technical difficulties in going through this tutorial or have any other issue or query that is in relevance to the Asus laptop. The experts would be happy assisting the users as they have been specially trained to resolve such issues or errors of the users. In case you are looking for the step by step procedure then move down the tutorial and get your tasks efficiently done.

Steps to turn ON wifi on the Asus laptop:

Step 1: Users can first of all turn ON their laptop and when done then they can restart their computer.

Step 2: Users can now wait until the BIOS screen appears and then they can press the F2 key.

Step 3: Users can now simply click on the right arrow button and then they can scroll down to the bottom to the Advanced tab.

Step 4: Users can now move down bottom of the screen to click on Onboard Devices Configuration and after having done that they can click on Onboard WLAN.

Step 5: If users are finding the disabled option as highlighted then they will need to ensure that they have enabled the same.

Step 6: Users can finally click on F10 key and then they can hit on the Enter key to ensure that all the changes made have been saved effectively and also they can exit the BIOS by this process.

Are you unable to enable or turn on WI FI on your Asus laptop?

If you are facing any sort of difficulties in enabling or using the services of wi fi then immediately seek online services from the certified technicians by dialing the 24/7 Asus laptop customer service toll free phone number. The certified technicians would be happy assisting the users in a very user friendly manner. They have their own set of tools named remote assistance, onsite assistance, and live chatting and mail support through which they troubleshoot any of the users’ issues at any point of time. But there are certain conditions like location and availability of the technicians through which they offer a mode to the users to get their issue fixed.

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