How To Add A Photos To Google Image ?


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One of the well renowned collections of images and picture that is available on web is google image. Once individual meets the criteria and requirement, it efficiently search and browse photo in remarkable manner. User is required to walk on set of pretty simple steps that need to follow in swift manner
· User is required to give name or description or some caption to the photo that need to be added in search engine in proper manner
· Moving to next step, user is required to upload photo to web portal or account on photo sharing web site to carve up in remarkable manner
· Moreover, user is required to tag photo in proper manner. Tag may include tagging location where the photo was taken or with whom photo was taken in uniform manner
· Now to make searching process on web easier, user can even share with whom picture was taken or add some enchanting caption to picture in error free manner
· User is required to wait for few time duration untill the searching process has been commended
· Make sure that image which individual need to be add is shared publically and is searchable
· User can effectively add on some social media platform like Facebook, Google plus or any of the blogger site in error free manner
· Once done, user is required to hit click on ok option
· This will let user to have quick access and glance on photo on Google image in incredible manner
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