How To Change Facebook Account Password

How To Change Facebook Account Password?

When it comes to the use of Facebook, then there is hardly anything new to say regarding the kind of craze that it has created round the world. This is the connecting link which makes the whole world attached with each other. The use of Facebook has also made the world quitter tech savvy. However, when it comes to the small things regarding the Facebook settings, then even the most savvy ones sometimes stumble. Now a days, forgetting the password of any application is becoming a regular problem which can be faced by the every users. Not any single service is escaped from this bug including Facebook. Do you forgot your Facebook account password or want to change it with a new one? Then don’t be depressed. You can easily change your Facebook account account password with some easy steps which is given below:

  • First of all, open your web browser and go to
  • Tap on the Forgot your password link.
  • Now you must need to enter your user name, phone number or email address into the given box.
  • Enter the code from the captcha images and then tap on the Submit tab.
  • Now choose the option of password recovery via phone number to receive a verification code.
  • After that, enter the received verification code into the given box.
  • Now enter a new password for your Facebook account and then re-enter it for confirm.
  • Now tap on the Change Password to complete the procedure.

If you get the right guidance however, you will see that the whole process is not as clumsy as you think.The whole process is quite easy if the right direction is given and the change in Facebook password phone number less happens to be a very simple matter.

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