Google is the top most leading IT sector company. It has its main roll in providing the Internet services and accessibility. Google has launched many such Google applications which could be easily accessible by the common users and hence provide them the proper solution even.


Google is the giant company in the field of IT sector and hence it also provides the support and services to people those who are suffering any kind of trouble or problem with the services provided by the Google. So, user may instantly get the support and services from them whenever they feel like getting stuck in any small or big problem related to the Google and its applications.


How to change the language on your Google docs ?


Below given is the proper solution which can be easily implemented by the users from across the whole world. So, just go through them thoroughly and hence get the proper solution .


Step 1: First of all open up your computing system devices.

Step 2: Then over there open up the Google Docs in your required system, through which you access the things on the regular basis.

Step 3: When the Google Docs is open, then just go to the settings options over there.

Step 4: Now in the settings option, just click on the ‘options’ button.

Step 5: When found then after go to the ‘more options’ and then move to the next option.

Step 6: From there click on the upper right corner option.

Step 7: Now from given drop down list just click on ‘Documents settings’ button.

Step 8: Now it will open up a new page, from there drop down options.

Step 9: Choose the ‘language’ options, and then move to the next button.

Step 10: Click on the down arrow button and then select the required language which you wanted to save it as the default setting in your Google Docs.

Step 11: When done then just click on the save button.


Now suppose if the user wants to change the language of the Google Docs then he or she needs to follow up the above given steps again and hence in the language section just choose the required language according to your choice. So, if there is any kind of trouble or any doubt then kindly contact to Google customer service number. This Google support number is available 24/7 hours in a day. This support service can be availed by any of the common users and hence from them they will definitely get the proper solution from them.

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