How to create a Wordpress account?

Wordpress is a very popular way to create blogs and websites in simple ways. By creating an account on Wordpress, users can very smoothly run their websites with all the available features. Wordpress is highly known for its top-class and advanced services that make it very famous among the billions of users across the world. If you don’t know how to create Wordpress account, then you should need to have proper knowledge regarding the account creation of Wordpress.

Follow the mentioned steps to create a Wordpress account:  

· First of all, go to the official Wordpress website from a web browser.

· Click on Get Started icon available on the top-right side of the screen.

· Now enter the required information into the given field and then click on Continue.

· Provide an address to your site on next page and then choose a specific name of your choice from the available results. If you have already a domain, then click on Already own a domain? And then provide the information about your domain.

· Choose a plan as per your needs or you can also start your site with a free plan.

· Enter your email address and then also choose a username.

· After that, enter a password for your Wordpress account and then click on Continue tab.

Successfully Now your Wordpress account is ready to use and you can very smoothly use it posting your blog posts.

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