How to Create Subdomain for Your Website?

Do you have already a website? And now you want to stem it on a large scale? Then subdomain is one of the best ways to distribute your website. With the help of a subdomain, you can easily add a company’s blog or something that you want to add. The technique of creating a subdomain for your website is quite easy and simple. But if you don’t know about that, then read this article and learn how to create a subdomain for your website in a very simple manner with the help of below steps:

· First of all, login to your hosting cPanel by using your login credentials and then scroll down to the Domains section.

· Click on Subdomains icon.

· Now Create a Subdomain page will open where you need to enter a name for your subdomain.

· Choose your subdomain from the drop-down box.

· Now enter a name for your folder that you want to keep for your subdomain’s saved file under the Document Root.

· After that, click on Create tab.

· Now it will redirect to your newly created subdomain and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the procedure.

Now your sub domain has been created successfully and you can easily use that as per your requirements.

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