How To Delete Bellsouth Email Account

Trying to get an answer on how to delete BellSouth email account? Here are the ways:

The best user-friendly Bellsouth email account is the same email provider service like AT & T and Yahoo web mail account. Bellsouth is a combination of the both (AT& T and Yahoo) email accounts. Quite often, it is being used for Yahoo email account that offers the quality features and services to manage webmail account accordingly.

If someone does not want this email account anymore on his device then he can delete Bellsouth email account. For that, he is required to go to the settings from where he can not only delete his email account but also he can save his necessary items too. Let`s know how it works.Here are the following tips on how to delete Bellsouth email account listed below:

1. Go to the website of terminating bellsouth account page and enter the correct email address and password.

2. Click the sign button for bellsouth and go to the settings gear icon showing at the right of the page.

3. Click on the backup option and save all the necessary things and then click the continue button.

4. Select the confirm identity tab with the password and then click the terminating account option showing at the bottom.

5. Enter the Bellsouth email address and password and then, click the Delete button forever.

6. At least wait for 90 days to delete the data associated with the account if want to secure email then enter the email address and select the reason and then move to the next.

7. Then after, click the entire data from another bellsouth mail if do not require more and go forward to complete the process at the end.


If unable to save or delete any data from Bellsouth email account before deleting then someone can get in touch with Bellsouth technical support team which is available 24 by 7 .

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