How To Enable Cookies In Google Chrome?

The Google chrome is one of the best browser that has been created by Google company. It offers their users a very user friendly interface with very easy operations. Being a Google product it helps you to login with the Gmail account and explore the Internet world without any tussle. Google chrome also gives you the advantage of enabling and disabling the cookies which can help you in different aspect of browsing.

Cookies are basically the files that are created when you visit any site. The advantages of enabling cookies are that they remember your browsing history, sign in and other details .So in order to go back to visit the site again makes easier without repeating the whole process of searching the particular site. It helps you to save your good amount of time.

If by any chance you want to enable cookies in Google chrome and you don’t know how to do it then you just need to follow the below mentioned steps.


1) First you need to open the Google chrome browser, there you have to open the ‘customize and control of Google chrome’.

2) Now click on setting button.


3) Now click on cookies button.

4) Then you have to enable the ‘allow site to save cookies data’ button. Doing this your cookies will be enabled for Google chrome.

If you are facing any ambiguity in above steps then just reach out to Google chrome customer care they will resolve all your issues.

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