How to make a mobile friendly website

Are you a developer and want to learn how to make a mobile friendly website? Have searched various ways but you did not get success so far? Stop searching now as you are at the best place to get everything related to the mobile friendly website within a time. So if you want to test your website but it fails several times you need to make your site mobile friendly so that you can check every site at every single of time,

Below listed ways are guiding you on how to make a mobile friendly website in no time:

· Go to the official website of your current website and press the create button.

· You can use mobile plugins on popular CMS platforms.

· Go to the wordpress mobile plugin and use the mobile-first responsive design and follow the on screen instructions.

· You can select the responsive website in terms of resolving the small problems creating in midst.

· You can also choose settings for the mobile and smart phone options to manage all essential ways to utilize while managing your website by using mobile or laptop device easily.

· Press on the update button that takes some of the time to start the procedure completely.

· Having completed the task click the finish button at the end of the procedure.


It is hoped now you are able to use your website on your mobile and tablet instead of only laptop and PC. However, if there is an error and you are not able to watch website on your mobile phone than go to the website support center to get the issue fixed in no time.

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