How To Recover Facebook Account Without Email And Phone Number ?


Recover The Facebook Account Without Email

Facebook is one of the most widely used social networking website which help you to get connected with your friends & family. Also the website user can access various other interesting and social features in the account.

People use Facebook on system as well as on mobile devices. Person has to create an account at Facebook to connect with the friends and relatives. If in case user forgets the password then there is nothing to worry about.For security issues it is requested to the user at the time of account registration to set the email password or phone number. But it might happen that Facebook user has lost the account password and also doesn’t have access to email account.

The other way to recover the password is by using the registered phone number. But if the user doesn’t have access to the phone number also then alternate way have to be used for account authentication.

The facebook password recovery is easier.

Here are the steps for Facebook password recovery –

1. Visit the Facebook login page and click on ‘Forgot your account or can’t login’.

2. To identify the account fill out the form.

3. Next select the option ‘I forgot my account’.

4. Look at the list of email address and click ‘No longer have access to these’.

5. Now follow the instructions and answer the questions to get help from friends.

6. Once the user account is verified then instructions will be sent on the recommended email address for password reset or account recovery.

If user is not able to reset the password then he can call at the Facebook password recovery phone number. It is 24/7 active and the executives are always available to provide the troubleshooting to quickly reset the new password.

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    I Forget my  email and do I get them back


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    Hi I am.unable to open my fb because I forget my both email pw and fb pw I have provided my mobile well but I am out of my country can you help me to recover my pw my fb is on Hoping for positive response


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