How To Sync Facebook Birthdays With Google Calendar ?


Google is the best and excellent web browser service that is being used by the multiple users on their personal device. It is regarded as the best resources to access on the various sites on several devices. Google even allows users to create an email account by using the correct email address and password to get the numerous benefits at any time. Having created an account in the Google a user can share multiple emails to the clients.

Not only this, it is even possible to add in the Facebook account that easily get connected with the Google calendar page attach to numerous cogwheel button on the top right-hand side and then select the settings.

Having gone to the Facebook account head to your events page for the birthday or any special occasion and want to sync it then click on the settings drop down and then select the export option. At the meantime, in case forgot any significance settings and unable to add Google calendar then get a help from its Google tech support team that fixes the issue .

Here are the steps on how to add Facebook birthday’s tending to Google calendar:

· First of all, sign in Facebook email account by typing its correct email address and password.

· Click on the sign button and then go to the settings and then right click on the link for the friend’s birthday or upcoming events.

· Copy that URL, and add that feed to the Google calendar and click on the cogwheel button on the top right-hand side.

· Select the settings and then go to the Calendar tab and then click on the browse interesting calendars in the other calendars sections.

· Go to the more tab and then click on the sync button select the detail of the Birthday and then add then start the procedure to add in the Google calendar.

· Finally, click on the done button at end of the procedure.

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