How To Update Google Calendar?



If you want to update the Google calendar of your Gmail account since it get into too many sync issues then you need to do as written below:-


  • You first of all have to note that you can only update the calendar of your account by first of all removing your account and then again adding it.
  • So simply open the Google calendar account of yours.
  • Followed by navigating to the top left corner in order to reach the menu option.
  • Once you click on menu button then you have to go to the settings option.
  • And then simply move forward to the manage accounts option.
  • As you click on this option then you will be forwarded to a new page
  • where you need to go to the top right corner of the page to tap on the edit button.
  • Now just click on the remove your accounts button followed by tapping on done.
  • After that you again need to add the same account so that you can get an updated version of the calender.


If this is not helping you out then you can simply get in touch with the Google technical support to know some better ways of dealing with this situation. The best way to know the right solution is to reach the right person and that is most probably the techies from the company itself.


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