MSN Email Not properly opening on MAC

What to do when MSN email not opening on Mac? Here are the tips:

If someone is not able to sign in his MSN email account on Mac device, first of all, he needs to check out the quite basic things like the internet is working fine or not, email address and password is correct or not, check out the mail server and more. If all these things are quite good then he is required to restart the device which sometimes fixes the issue for a little moment to figure out the cause of the issue.

If still having any issue then he can set up MSN email account on Mac device once again. Follow the steps as pointed below:

1. Open Mac device and then go to the settings and then select the mail, preferences, and calendar.

2. Click the add email account and then search out the email account then select the MSN mail from the menu list.

3. Enter the email address and then select Incoming mail server.

4. Add Outlook email account with the POP/IMAP mail server.

5. Follow the same procedure with the SMTP mail server.

6. Select the SSL mail server and then enter the password into the field.

7. If required to sync then sync all the contacts and mail otherwise click the done button finally.

Not with standing having any other issue and not opening email on Mac then immediately contact MSN technical support team which is fully adopted to fix the issue in a very short span of the time. So not to worry and  contact tech support team to eliminate the issue at any time.


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