Norton Setup Not Working

Norton has given an great relief to its customers by offering a advanced layer of protection against the online malware like infections, spyware, malware and other cyber assaults. In spite of the fact that the Norton offers different features to its users, yet they may confront some common error or issues while activating the Norton setup to their gadget. Some times users need a help they can contact to customer service executive.

Use this URL to get your Norton Account:

Enter the password and email address associated with the account

Now Click onto the Sign In button

When logging in for the first time after purchase, or at any time from a device that does not have Norton Security installed, you may get prompted to select one of the two choices: Install on this device or Install on another device

Click Agree & Download to get the software downloaded and installed onto your device

If you close the window from the above step, you can always get back to it by going into the Devices tab. In any case, Norton account interface is very intuitive and features the Download button in tabs like HomeDevices, or Services.

When you download the software onto your computer, you get Norton's downloader program. Once you run it, the download and installation of your security software will start. Follow the on-screen instructions. Once finished, your Norton product will be installed and activated.

Norton Setup Not Working

Download the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.

Save the file to the Windows desktop. On some browsers, the file is automatically saved to its default location.

To open the Downloads window in your browser, press the Ctrl + J key.

Double-click the NRnR icon. Now Read the license agreement, and click Agree.

Click Advanced Options.

Click Remove Only.

Click Remove.

Click Restart Now.

After the computer restarts, follow the on-screen instructions to reinstall your Norton product.

Way Norton Antivirus Works

Norton Antivirus is an antivirus software that is made by SymantecCorporation. Norton Antivirus works to protect your computer from unwanted attacks. Norton Antivirus can scan files on your pc for any signs of a malware and remove them. malware are updated daily and Norton constantly protect your Computers.

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