How To Stop Receiving forwarded Emails In Gmail

Gmail is the email portal gave by Gmail to receive and forward an email with or without attachment. Your inbox is flooded with unwanted email regularly. One route is to check them as SPAM or erase it. It may not be possible to totally erase all the forwarded email and messages. You can block the sender's yet the list will be endless. In any case in the event that you need to stop receiving a forwarded email in Gmail then follow these steps to stop receiving a forwarded email in Gmail.
1. Go to your Gmail account
2. Go to option setting
3. Go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP
4. The first option is forwarding and you can see a link to Creating a filter in Tips
5. Creating with filter option like Subject: FWD has the word FWD.
6. Click create the filter
7. The next to select the action is to be taken for the mail containing the word forward or the condition user has applied

The following options are available

• Skip the Inbox (Archive it)
• Mark as read
• Star it
• Apply the label
• Choose label
• Forward it adds a forwarding address
• Delete it
• Never send it to Spam
• Always mark it as important
• Never mark it as important
• Categorize as: Choose category
• Click on Create filter as it’s done

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