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We are living in the Internet age, where we do most of our activity on Internet, like financial transaction, sending information and critical data, searching on it’s database. Apart from that it also an excellent medium for entertainment where people can share their thoughts, reads news feed, grew professional and personal connection and also video entertainment sites to entertain itself. One such video sharing sites is YouTube.

YouTube is one of the leading and major popular sharing sites in the world. It’s provides greater access to the content based video. Millions of visitor across the world visit the sites on every minute in order to watch or upload video in the various categories. In other words, it’s a video search engine of the world. Any user can upload a video to the sites by just creating a account on the Google for free. Since it’s launched it has come a long way and has more than a billion user and 300 hours of video are uploading every minute. It has so much exponentially that YouTube has to launch their apps on quickly basis in order to keep up their consumer demand. But sometimes user does face problem while working on it, one of the common problem user face is Youtube not responding working properly. In order to fix the issue user must take the help form the technical support or follow these simple procedures to fix the problem on time.

  • User needs to first of all, check whether it has proper internet connectivity or not whether its mobile data working speed is reasonable or whether the Wi-Fi is properly connected.
  • User must also check whether on your browser the updated version of adobe flash player is installed or not. Adobe flash player is mandatory plug into the play video online or browser.
  • Since user visit the YouTube frequently there might be chances that a large amount of junk file can be produced which might slow down the speed of the browser.
  • In order to do so, User needs to slow down the browser history, in order to do so, go to the browser and then open the tools and then on safety and further click on the delete browsing history.
  • In case if you are using mobile and watching Youtube through apps as well as facing some errors then its better to uninstall the apps and then reinstall the youtube app.

Youtube Not Working Properly

In case, if you still faces problem regarding Youtube not working then its better to take the help of their customer support team. They have a highly qualified team which are well versed in their domains and have tons of experience to fix the issue on time.


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