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It is basic that Youtube recordings won't play on Chrome, Firefox, Safari or IE. On the off chance that you are unfortunately having Youtube recordings not working issue, don't stress. You can fix the issue rapidly with the strategies in this post. The issue can have distinctive causes. It's recommended that you attempt the techniques one by one until the point that you have the issue .

Step 1. Update the browser

Step 2. Clear cache and cookies

step 3. Uninstall and reinstall Adobe flash player

Step 4: Reset connection setting


Update The Browser

Firstly check browser is up to date or not. Sometimes, it possible that browser is outdated so videos fails to play.

If you will know browser is outdated then you have to update it.


Clear Cache and Cookies

An excessive number of cache and cookies may cause Youtube video not working. So to clear the cache and cookies. The means to clear the cache and cookies rely upon the browser you are utilizing. we'll demonstrate the means to clear cache on Google Chrome, Firefox and IE.If you are using another browser and have no idea how to clear the cokies and cache,go their official website.


1. Open Google chrome

2. Click more points to more tools and select browsing data

3. Ensure the check box next to cookies and cached images is clicked

4. Obliterate the items from the beginning of time to delete all data.

5. click clear browsing data

6. Restart windows and play you tube again.


Uninstall and Reinstall Adobe flash player

If you haven’t installed Adobe flash player then you can’t play any youtube vedios. Make sure that you have Flash player installed in your system.


Reset Connection Settings

The problem could be due to Internet connection. one solution to this problem is to Reset the connection settings

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