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Google maps is the one the most important application that the company has provided to its users. Just think of a situation where you  have to go somewhere but you can not do so since you do not have the idea of the directions. And in that case the only think that you can rely upon is the Google maps. So you can simply install the Google maps in your device and then you can go to any place of your desire even if you do not have much idea of the place.

Now the simple steps that you have to follow in order to  use the Google maps could be known by contacting the Google maps customer service, the steps are as follows:-

· In order to use the Google maps you first of all have to open your device followed by installing the Google maps App on your device.

· Here you have to note that this is the app that now comes as the default app so you even not have to download it.

· After that you just need to open the Google maps followed by clicking on the directions on it.

· Just in case you face any issues then you can contact the Google maps technical support.

· After that you just have to click on the points on to the map followed by typing an address and then adding a place name.

· And then you just need to choose the options followed by checking the box that is present next to the tolls or highway.

· So by doing so you will be able to get the directions of the place  that you wish to get.

· Here you can also see the street view just in case you want to see it. So this is the app that comes with a number of other extra features also and hence you can get all the things done in no time without issues.

Google Maps Technical Support

Now just in case you feel that you are still not able to do as written above or you face any other issue then you can simply choose to get the help from the techies of the company by calling on the Google maps phone number. As you do the call on this number the person on the other side will let you know all about the issue that you are facing, So do not take any tension and feel free to get in touch with the most talented people to resolve  your issues.

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