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Hotmail is presently managed by Microsoft. The Hotmail users can access their accounts through Outlook service. This one of the oldest email service is still preferred by quite a million of email service users who regularly access this service for the communication purpose and accomplishing various jobs at homes or at offices. Hotmail is popular for all its distinguishable features and tools, some of which are as follows:


  •        Video and Audio Chats
  •        Accessibility from mobile devices
  •        Accessibility via Windows Live
  •        Large storage capacity
  •        Dynamic email management systems


Ever since people have started using Hotmail from their Smartphone’s the importance of the email service has increased even further. This ever increasing popularity of Hotmail has simultaneously increased the necessity of Hotmail customer serviceThis customer service team has got a large client base due to their professional service and ever helping nature over the years.

People contact Hotmail customer service executives to resolve various technical and non-technical issues. Hotmail technical support is immensely beneficial service rendered for the advantage of Hotmail users with a motto to keep Hotmail service free from any technical issues. People contact customer service executives for resolving various issues:


  •        Recovering Hotmail account Password
  •        Recovering forgotten email Id.
  •        Recovering blocked email account
  •        Problems in uploading an attachment
  •        Difficulties in accessing Hotmail from devices other than PC
  •        Synchronizing Hotmail in all devices
  •        Problems related to configuration and settings of Hotmail account 
  •        Configuration and settings related issues in iOS and Android operated Smartphone’s .

These and many other problems are solved quite proficiently by the most professional team of Hotmail customer support executives.

Steps To Create New Hotmail Account  

        1. Visit

        create hotmail account

2. Fill out the sign up page

3. Enter Your Personal information

4. Fill in contact information

     5. Tell them who you are

tell them who you are

      6. Make Sure you’re not a robot

      7. Agree to the terms of services and privacy policy

      8. Login into your email account


Easy Step To Recover The Hotmail Password


Password lost or forgotten is the most common issue with various people using any web service for emailing purpose. Passwords should be kept safely and they should be strong enough so that no one would be able to crack them easily. Hotmail account can also be recovered if user has forgotten his password using below steps :

1.     On the login page, click on "cannot access the account? ".

2.     On the next page, select the option, "I forgot my password.. ".

3.     Click "next ".

4.     Enter the complete hotmail user id and the code given below in the box and click "next ".

5.     Now select the option, either an email id or a phone number where user can receive the message.

6.     Follow the instructions on the message and login again.

Here’s the effective way To Merge Two Hotmail Account

It is safe to say that you are searching for the best approach to combine two Hotmail Accounts into One? you can't do this because Microsoft has not presented any such feature. However, there is an elective where you can utilize the other account as Send only. But, if you will go through such activity, then you won’t get an access to send an email from that account.

 Link two Hotmail Accounts into One

· Open Outlook and click on the gear symbol, situated at top of the page and under the same, select More Mail Settings.

· Now, move to Managing your Account segment and select Your Emails Accounts.

· From that point, click Add a send-only account and afterward enter your other Hotmail account which you need to use as send only.

· After finishing the primary stage, you have to roll out a couple of improvements on the auto-forward page and for the same, perform initial two stages and when you reach to the Managing Account segment, at that point click Email forwarding.

· Under the same, select Forward your mail to another email account.

· Then, enter your email address which you need to forward. After completing this progression, click Save.

· To see changes on the account, restart Hotmail.

· Thus, you have effectively connected the two Hotmail accounts.

On the off chance, if you require any help, then don't hesitate to dial on Hotmail Technical Support Number. They will offer the best and profitable data which will resolve your issues. The number is plausible 24*7, so you can call anytime for their support.

Here are some distinguishable features of the Hotmail Technical Support

  •   Each individual client’s call is considered as the unique one and handled with utmost importance.
  •   Hotmail Technical support phone number remains active 24x7 without any holiday. Management of the customer support team understands that problem may arise anytime and when it occurs, practically stalls the entire process that was undergoing. Too few people have in-depth knowledge or capacity to solve technical issues themselves. Hence, customer support is needed 24x7 all round the year.
  • The technical support staffs are competent enough to get into a problem very quickly and sort it out without much delay. In case of expert guidance too, the supporting executives provide step by step solution to any client so that the client accomplishes the job confidently.
  • They are the most dynamic team of technical professionals internet users can think of. They use most sophisticated resources to detect problems and troubleshoot instantly. Moreover, the technicians get regular updates regarding different changes in features and applications which help them to design the best possible solution for a problem.
  •  Hotmail users can be immensely benefited through the service provided by the Hotmail customer service. Users get timely service that is reliable and the most suitable one for running their account in full swing. 

   For Hotmail Customer Support Help Center : Click Here


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